Our Team

Organization Leaders

Jodi Murray

Founder and Managing Director

A professional multitasker, Jodi brings Created for Crisis together. Like so many of us, she was appalled by the supply shortages faced by medical professionals, and helped turn an online community into an organized team of innovators.

She has over a decade of IT experience, including healthcare IT, and has spent the last eight years working directly with nonprofits as well as using her skills in project management, solutions architecture, and people wrangling. Her time as an EMT and volunteer firefighter allows her to empathize with those on the front lines of this crisis, and she cares for them even as she takes care of her young family in North Carolina.

Collin Stiers

Founder and Engineering Lead

Helping others shapes every aspect of Collin’s life. In addition to his dedication to the Army ROTC program, he mentors a highschool robotics team, and spends his remaining free time working with the Civil Air Patrol as a search and rescue instructor, teaching kids and serving others. And serving others is why he’s here.

Rachel Nicole Emard

Board Member and Treasurer

Rachel Nicole Emard, born in Phoenix Arizona on July 3rd, 1989, is an organizer. She has spent 10 years donating time as a volunteer and events coordinator. As an entrepreneur and artist, raised by small and not so small business owners; Miss Emard has vast experience in the logistical operation of several industries and nonprofit operations. Following her passions of both the arts and caring for others, she has an International Culinary Arts degree, from The Art Institute of Colorado. Miss Emard is very passionate about applying her understanding of business and human nature to bring innovative and creative solutions to aid the world.

Ryan McKenna

Head of Web Design & Engineering

I'm a transplant from Denver, CO to Charlotte, NC. I am passionate about art, living in the moment and the constant strive to learn. I chose to learn how to code so that I could realize my own dreams and aspirations in a medium that I grew up on. Over time I realized that all I wanted to do was create new and amazing applications with great people and a little experimentation. 

Team Members

Gabby Taylor

Brand Manager, Growth Hacker

Founding Members

Amy Carlson

Founder and Design Lead

Hailing from a family of Iowan medical professionals, Amy is a collaborative maker who encourages playful interaction as a means to connect people. Her background is in art and design, but she has a particular interest in ergonomics & accessibility.