PPE for medical professionals during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Project Overview

Created For Crisis is currently working with MasksNOW and Canada Sew(s) to provide quality, well-researched mask designs to volunteers in order to get well-made masks to those who need them most. We have an assortment of other ongoing projects, and have received requests for a variety of designs, from nasal swabs to surgical caps. Per requests and available facilities, our next project is to find or develop alternatives to other personal protective equipment, such as surgical caps or protective gowns. If you want to see what we’re working on and get involved, please join us on Discord. We can always use assistance. Created for Crisis formed from an online community during the COVID-19 pandemic by those with valuable skills and a drive to help, all seeking a way to do so. A philosophy of open innovation means our design process is both visible and open to the public. Rather than assume our stakeholders will adapt to our ideas, we invite conversation and collaboration, and shift our vision according to feedback.